LFA 2010 | Swarming Futures

Project management, design and press liason for the exhibition Swarming Futures at Gallery 32 in London.

‘Swarming Futures’ was shortlisted as one of the top 3 exhibitions in the International Architecture Showcase Silver Pigeon Award. Voted by a prestigious jury that included Tom Dyckhoff (The Times), Julie Lomax (The Arts Council), Sarah Ichioka (Architecture Foundation) and Catherine Ince (Barbican Art Gallery).
Installation views (photo Samantha Lee)
Swarming Futures is a selection of cutting-edge contemporary Brazilian architectural projects. Part of the International Architecture Showcase of the London Festival of Architecture 2010, the exhibition explores the Festival’s Welcoming City theme through the way innovation in design can be generated by large patchworks of inclusive collaboration and creative exchange. Recently appointed hosts of high-profile international events, most notably the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazilian cities have become an extremely fertile ground for speculation and intense scrutiny. Designers, politicians, communities, businesses, participants and visitors are all agents and stakeholders in a massive swarm of interests and possibilities that will ultimately reshape Brazil’s cities in the near future.

Curated by London-based architect Ricardo de Ostos, the exhibition explores how unique associations between mainstream and underground forces can open new fields for innovative buildings and city planning. Aiming for fresh ideas, Swarming Futures displays projects that explore trans-disciplinary and spontaneous networks between the social, economic and cultural fields. Maverick cooperation and urban experiments in and for the city are uncertain, and at times unpredictable, but fundamental to encourage social progress.Swarming Futures brings together a cross-section of recent Brazilian architectural proposals. Selected projects include large infrastructural interventions such as the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Park, designed by BCMF, as well as local and sensitive proposals by São Paulo practice MMBB. The inventive Brazilian-French architects Triptyque display their well-known ecological projects alongside new and exciting experiments. Strengthening the speculative vein of the exhibition theme, Vazio S/A present their hyper-critical project Ultimate Skyscraper which analyses the impact of large scale commercial developments, while additional features investigate innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration in the contemporary scene of Brazilian architecture.
Download Press Pack (press release + high resolution images)
View the exhibition catalogue
Swarming Futures symposium: (left to right) Abraham Thomas (V&A), Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A), Ricardo de Ostos (NaJa & deOstos), Ellie Stathaki (Wallpaper), Gui Sibaud (Tryptique) – Photo: Anna Stathaki

All-day symposium chaired by the exhibition curator Ricardo de Ostos, with invited guests from Brazil and abroad:
Morning session: Guillaume Sibaud (Triptyque), Ellie Stathaki (Wallpaper*), Carlos Teixeira (Vazio S/A) and Abraham Thomas (Architecture Curator, V&A).
Afternoon session: Bruno Campos (BCMF), Eleanor Fawcett (Head of Design for Olympic Fringe, Design for London) and Milton Braga (MMBB).


Exhibition Installation
Interview for Canallondres.tv
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instituição | institution EMBASSY OF BRAZIL IN LONDON
embaixador| ambassador CARLOS AUGUSTO R. SANTOS-NEVES

cultural attachè| head of cultural section CARLOS PACHÁ
curadoria | curator RICARDO DE OSTOS
coordenadora de projeto | project manager LAURA BARBI
LAURA BARBI assessoria de imprensa | press liason LAURA BARBI
cidade |city LONDON – UK data | date 2010


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