About me

Hi! My name is Laura and I am a project manager and designer with a multidisciplinary formation. I was born in ‘79 in Brazil.

I am currently working at the Cultural Section of the Embassy of Brazil in London where I am a project manager, designer and press liason, responsible for Art, Design, Arquitecture and Fashion related projects. For more information please visit www.culturalbrazil.org.
In 2010 I was awarded a Masters Degree have (MA in Graphic Design) at the London College of Communication where I researched the relationship between traditional patterns and culture, entitled [con]textile. In 2011 I went on to study Arts Management and Arts Marketing and Communication at Birkbeck College.
This is my portfolio where you will not only see my most recent works but also the previous ones developed at Hardy Design and Osso Studio.
From client briefing to design directing and presentation, graphic production and printing, exhibitions and press releases, I have managed over 80 projects: art exhibitions, packaging, signage, web design, corporate identities, fashion catalogues, magazines, books and corporate stands.

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