[con]textile is a project about virtually collecting and sharing textile patterns from different countries. People from all over the world will capture and upload images of textiles on a webpage building a visual catalogue which will enable a vast cultural exchange.

The map on the website will be feeded by images and each country will be filled by their textile as the collection spreads. Visitors will be able to explore the patterns by their tags and understand more about how one culture influences and is set appart from each other based on their textile tradition.

All uploaded images will be gathered to build a live growing digital database where each image is tagged to a country, category (abstract, flowers, nature and so on), material, designer and production year. There will also be the opportunity to add a description or further information about the production process or even historical background about an specific style.

http://www.contextile.org site will be up and running soon. In the meantime access the [con]textile blog for more information about the project. If you want to contribute with an image please send an email to contextile.threading@gmail.com.

(Important: this project is part of a study for the MA Graphic Design at the London College of Communication and has no commercial interest.)


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