sound and visual narrative

On the 08th of October 2009 as part of the ‘sound and narrative’ elective – MA graphic design, we were asked to go on a soundwalk. The idea was to walk around a part of the city and listen to the sounds that usually passes unheard in our daily routines.

We see cyclists but don’t listen to the wheels turning, cook and don’t know what peeling a potato sounds like, get caught in the rain and don’t stop to listen to the drops hitting the ground.

So during this afternoon we soundwalked and recorded what we were able to hear behind the noise. 

These recordings where then used as part of the soundtrack we each produced for a section of the film ‘Eraserhead’ (David Lynch, 1977). You can see the final result below.

The picture in the booklet were taken as a reminder of what was recorded as once you displace the sound from the action it sometimes takes on a new meaning.


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