Design Literacy: Meaning

On april 14th 2009, seven people were asked to make a photographic diary of what they ate during five consecutive days. Ana, Cássia, Carlos, Cecy, Laura, Luan and Thaís are aged between 29 and 36 years old and live in the following cities: belo horizonte and são paulo, brazil; stuttgart, germany and london, england. They come from the same country but have different backgrounds and most of them are single yet a couple have children. Their professions varies: student, graphic designer, teacher, photographer, hairdresser and stylist and their daily routine, certainly, influences their food choices. 

The results shown below are the chromatic scales of their main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, divided by day of the week. The person with the most colourful meals was then highlighted and had their plates broken down into single food items.  You can see that the more colourful the scale the healthier  and balanced the diet was.  

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click on the images below to see


these scales show the chromatic scales for each participant.

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