t-sa forum

textures + patterns + plants

From a series of diagrams made locating the existing materials on site such as bricks, timber, plastic and plants we started categorizing and discussing how these could be reintroduced into the new project proposal acting as a memory of what once had been established at that location.

Collage, plaster and wax casts, pricking, embroidering and crochet were some of the techniques used to explore the potential uses of these objects and the textures found within them once you take them out of their existing scale.

The result was a partnership with a fellow group that was designing a sports centre in which we created a different number of objects and project details for them. Wallpapers, wall textures, nets, bricks, doors, fence and gates were then introduced into their project.

The final booklet presented as an outcome fot the forum’s workshop made together with Motsu Butano can be seen here.

Forum Book Vol. 3 is now on sale.


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